GE LM2500+G4 Engine

Dynamis’ most powerful transportable solution, the DT35 Mobile Turbine design utilizes only two trailers for transport and operations. Our innovative design allows for greater flexibility by eliminating the need for a crane or forklift onsite during mobilization and demobilization. This provides Dynamis the unrivaled capability of deployment in as little as 10 hours for reliable power.


  • Rapid deployment, installation and commissioning in less than 10 hours
  • No crane lifts required for mobilization and demobilization
  • Low maintenance and ease of service
  • No concrete pad required for installation
  • Experienced Dynamis personnel are able to provide maintenance, operation, troubleshooting, and mobilization
  • Accepts fuels; field gas, CNG, or LNG
  • Remote support available 24/7 from Dynamis’ Operations Excellence Center


  • Generates up to 35MW of power at 13.8kV
  • 99.9% GE LM2500+G4 engine reliability
  • Thousands of gas turbine installations globally
  • Industry benchmark with only two total trailers transportable and operational
  • Hydraulic vertical lift for exhaust stack
  • Auxiliary equipment installed in structure of main unit
  • Auto leveling hydraulic system
  • Compact two trailer footprint installation
  • Complete power plant solution
  • Electric turbine starter; eliminates hydraulic motors, reservoir, cooling and oil
  • Optional water injection for reduced emissions
  • Dual frequency package available
  • Remote connectivity built in and available for diagnostic support, upgrades, etc