Power-on-Demand provides comprehensive energy transition services, designed to help your business achieve a clean, safe, and efficient energy future. From enhancing business operations with distributed energy resources to designing and building micro-grids, Power-on-Demand provides the expertise and support necessary to meet the dynamic energy requirements of today’s businesses. With energy transition services such as site evaluation, energy optimization, data analytics, and system design, Power-on-Demand works closely with its customers to ensure their energy transition goals are realized. With services ranging from ongoing maintenance to energy contracts and financing, Power-on-Demand stands ready to assist in the transition to greener energy resources.

Where We Work

Utilizing a central power installation and connecting via a micro grid allows significant footprint reduction. Using natural gas fueled electricity, as opposed to diesel, lowers cost of operations while providing environmentally friendly power. Electrification allows for automation of operations, reduction in personnel, maintenance, and emissions. Also, simplified logistics with less trucks on the road delivering diesel fuel and less water disposed in SWD wells. Power On Demand can provide these solutions.

Up to 6 barrels of water for every oil barrel produced increasing volume of produced water that can be converted to fresh potable water. Power On Demand is working with channel partners to use electricity and produced heat to distill water for reuse in agriculture, or other uses, and greatly reduce disposal volumes.

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